TLT-Group Oy takes over the development of Caruna Oy’s electricity distribution network in built-up areas in Central Uusimaa for five years

The project, known as the Local Cable Project, will involve developing the electricity distribution network to meet future needs. Forecasts indicate that electricity consumption will increase in the coming years, the energy transition will gain pace, and clients will set new requirements for the electricity network in forms such as charging points. At the same time, the old low-voltage overhead lines in built-up areas are being demolished and replaced by new underground cable networks.

Work is underway in several cities and municipalities. Efforts are made to seek joint construction sites with telecommunications operators who are expanding their fibre optic connections and to analyse opportunities for joint construction of the street lighting network in the area. A total of approximately 250 kilometres of new underground cable routes will be constructed, principally in built-up areas. Approximately 280 kilometres of old overhead lines will be demolished, and the material will be recycled effectively for further processing.

“In addition to improving the security of supply, it is essential to enhance electricity networks to enable an increase in electricity consumption due to factors such as the growth in the number of electric cars and the electrification of heating. The network development measures we are taking now will serve customers’ electricity consumption needs far into the future,” says Jukka Ihamäki, Business Line Director at Caruna.

“The Local Cable Project is very important to us for many reasons. We want to be at the spearhead when the electricity distribution network of the future is designed at built. We believe that we can generate clear added value for our clients and the end-users of the network. At the same time, the project will have a substantial employment impact on our company’s personnel and our network of partners. We set out to humbly promote the development of electricity distribution networks and the opportunities for joint construction for all parties involved,” says Keijo Nordström, CEO of TLT-Connection Oy.

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TLT-Group Oy, Miika Tuominen, CEO, [email protected], tel. +358 50 514 7494
TLT-Connection Oy, Keijo Nordström, CEO, [email protected], tel. +358 44 724 7892

TLT-Group Oy

TLT-Group is a Finnish network builder founded in 2010. The group’s turnover in 2020 amounted to approximately EUR 68 million, and the group has approximately 250 employees. TLT-Group is a comprehensive supplier of modern network solutions. It is capable of carrying out the most challenging telecommunications, electricity network and district heating network projects, as well as maintenance assignments. The group’s multidisciplinary expertise and partner network cover every phase of network construction, from preliminary design to maintenance. Additional information:

Caruna Oy

Caruna takes care of electricity distribution and is maintaining, overhauling and building a weatherproof electricity network for more than 700,000 customers in South, Southwest and West Finland, the city of Joensuu and the regions of Koillismaa and Satakunta. The operation of the network is monitored around the clock to ensure that customers can be guaranteed access to electricity with minimum disruption under all conditions. A weatherproof, smart electricity network will also create the basis for the energy system of the future, in which digital services will expand, transport will be electrified, and consumers will become energy producers.

Additional information:, Twitter @CarunaSuomi

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