Wind power and renewable energy

Finland is just scratching the surface of the opportunities presented by renewable energy sources. The target is for renewable energy to account for at least 51% of total consumption in 2030. TLT-Group is at the forefront of development, offering design and network construction services for all renewable energy projects.

The benefits of our services for renewable projects are:

  • A high-quality, functional, integrated solution: We build all the electricity distribution networks that are required between wind power plants, reliable electricity transmission networks to substations, and the dependable telecommunications networks required by wind farms.
  • An effortless, risk-free project: We know the Finnish operating environment, and we can also take care of all the permit-related work required for networks
  • A productive solution that operates long into the future: The wind power sector is evolving and expanding rapidly. Thanks to our position and continuous competence development, we will remain at the forefront of development.

Our services

TLT-Group Oy provides wind power companies with all the underground cables and overhead lines that wind farms can need, from electricity transmission and distribution networks to telecommunications networks. Our clients include international private equity investors as well as Finnish operators.

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