Street and road lighting

Updating Finland’s road and street lighting to meet modern traffic and energy-efficiency standards is an enormous undertaking. Smart solutions enable savings that swiftly repay the investment expenditure. We possess expertise in all lighting projects for the public sector.

The benefits of our services in lighting projects are:

  • Flexible partnership: We can provide road and street lighting modernisation services, ranging from small areas to large entities.
  • Rapid, cost-effective service: Our hoisting equipment enables work to be completed quickly.
  • Productive collaboration: You can benefit from our purchasing power and order all the necessary LED lights from us. We are also a good, reliable contractual partner for the maintenance of lighting networks.

Our services

TTLT-Group Oy’s personnel have robust expertise in road and street lighting projects. We provide municipalities and cities with the full range of design, construction and maintenance services for lighting networks. Our work in recent years includes overhauls of lighting networks and replacing old light bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights.

Business Keijo Nordström CEO, TLT-Connection Oy +358 44724 7892 [email protected]
Sales Toni Närvä Sales Director +358 50402 5218 [email protected]
Annual contract work and projects Laura Rossi Area Director, Central Finland +358 40717 6085 [email protected]
Projects Keijo Mäkeläinen Business Manager +358 40809 5175 [email protected]