Electricity transmission networks

Finland is a country of long distances, where electricity transmission networks have always played a key role in the functioning of society. The expansion of cities and the emergence of new services create a need to develop transmission networks. Investments in renewable energy also add to the need to build new electricity transmission connections and modernise old ones. TLT-Group is your comprehensive partner in the construction and maintenance of electricity transmission networks.

The benefits of working with us are:

  • Our extensive experience in designing and building various networks around Finland ensures a return on long-term investments
  • Our multidisciplinary design expertise and our experienced personnel ensure that your network will be higher in quality and suffer fewer faults
  • Our turnkey service reduces network construction and operation expenditure and provides you with safe and predictable projects

Our services

TLT-Group Oy offers preliminary, general and structural design of 110–400 kV electricity transmission networks along with all construction and maintenance services in a comprehensive turnkey delivery. We can also provide expert services for power line inspections, alteration and demolition work, and monitoring.

Our clients include transmission system operators, regional network operators, local network companies, industrial operators and wind power producers.

Business and Sales Vesa Nurmi CEO, TLT-Building Oy +358 44 720 0111 [email protected]
Construction and maintenance Mikko Hakala Project Manager +358 40 713 1811 [email protected]
General and structural design Erkka Salmi Design Manager +358 40 713 1803 [email protected]
Preliminary and general design Petri Konttimäki Expert +358 40 823 4233 [email protected]