Your partner in every network

Electricity and telecommunications networks are a critical part of the infrastructure of a rapidly digitalising society. Businesses are reliant on high-quality, uninterrupted service. In addition, electricity and effective telecommunications links are vital to consumers. TLT-Group exists to enable our corporate clients to focus on developing services that surpass end customers’ expectations. We take care of the networks.

All network solutions in one place

We operate as a reliable partner to network operators, offering high-quality, cost-effective, unified network solutions customised to their requirements. We work on the design, construction and maintenance of electricity distribution, telecommunications and district heating networks. We offer a seamless, comprehensive service that generates savings in the life cycle costs of networks. Our robust project expertise and modern methods ensure that you receive a high-quality end result within the agreed schedule.

Our operations are founded on the principle of generating added value for all our clients, and this feeds down to the end customers who use networks.