Kollaasi, jonka vasemmalla puolella tykkylumen peittämä korkejännitepyloni ja oikealla huoltomies puhdistamassa sähkölinjaa jäästä ja lumesta.

Area partnership agreement between Elenia and TLT to continue

An area partnership agreement between Elenia Network Plc and TLT-Connection Oy for the electricity distribution network will continue until 31 January 2024, thanks to an agreement signed in January 2021. Under the agreement, TLT-Connection Oy will be responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, fault rectification and service work in three of Elenia’s areas in Central Finland. The areas are very large, covering as many as 16 municipalities or parts thereof.

We are very pleased to continue our work with Elenia, providing safe, high-quality services for the electricity distribution network and enabling long-term operational development. The agreement will ensure work for several dozen personnel at TLT and its partners, so it is also significant from the standpoint of local employment.

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